Rivers Group

A joint technical group of Engineering New Zealand and Water New Zealand (formerly the NZWWA)

Passionate about rivers

Rakaia River


Kyle Christensen, Chairman of the Rivers Group

Welcome to the Engineering New Zealand/Water NZ Rivers Group! We are a technical interest group for people who are passionate about the successful management of river systems across New Zealand.  Our members include engineers, geomorphologists, hydrologists, ecologists, scientists, planners, managers and others who want to work together to create and manage river systems that future generations can be proud of.  This is an incredibly complex challenge that often involves balancing competing interests and demands to achieve outcomes that will have lasting effects that shape the way we live. 

The Rivers Group is in its sixth year and we are continuing to evolve to best deliver value to our members and the NZ rivers community.  We are striving to deliver a mix of local workshops and networking opportunities along with our annual symposium which is a great opportunity for members and others to share stories about past successes and the challenges they are currently facing.

I’d encourage you to get along to the local events and the annual symposium to meet others that share your passion of rivers and to contribute to shaping best practice in NZ river management.


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Join the Rivers Group

Are you passionate about New Zealand rivers and their sustainable use and management?

Do you want to make a difference in NZ river and catchment management?

Then we want you, along with your opinions, intellect and camaraderie, to join the Rivers Group and participate in discussions, collegiality and technical knowledge sharing.  If you are involved with rivers, catchment management or river engineering, the Rivers Group provides the opportunity you have been waiting for - to truly integrate all the different areas of river usage and management, and to bring practitioners and community interests together.

Whether you are an engineer, scientist, planner, academic, hydrologist, geomorphologist, climatologist, land manager or individual river enthusiast, membership is open to all.

New Funding Opportunities

The Engineering New Zealand Rivers Group Public Project Grant

Grants of up to $3,000 are available to support public sector groups (e.g. local government, community groups, not-for-profit, iwi/Maori) in works related to river management and restoration for one year, depending on the merits of the project proposal and the level of competition in a given year.

The Engineering New Zealand Rivers Group Student Research Grant

Grants of up to $3,000 are available to postgraduate researchers working on issues related to advancing river science and improving river management, depending on the merits of the project proposal and the level of competition in a given year.