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The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand

Former President Anthony Wilson (FIPENZ) talks about the important role IPENZ plays informing New Zealand engineering policy.

IPENZ is the professional body representing engineers in New Zealand. The Institution operates a wide range of activities and services aimed at engineers and the general public.

What is IPENZ? – its role, activities and history.

IPENZ Vision and Mission

IPENZ activities and services for Members and non-members

IPENZ governing Board and committees

IPENZ staff roles – overview of IPENZ management and the responsibilities of the six teams.

IPENZ's role as Registration Authority for the Chartered Professional Engineers Act

IPENZ Membership and professional recognition

IPENZ Fellowships: the most prestigious levels of Membership

Which Membership Class is right for you?

IPENZ Membership classes – explains the different Membership classes.

Information on specific engineering fields or engineering-related activities

IPENZ regional Branches

Related organisations that IPENZ is involved with

IPENZ publications

Affiliated websites

Require an Engineer?

Engineering for the public – information about finding, engaging or complaining about an engineer.

Search our Membership database – to ensure your engineer is an IPENZ Member.

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