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The Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand

IPENZ is the professional body representing engineers in New Zealand. The Institution operates a wide range of activities and services aimed at engineers and the general public.

What is IPENZ? – its role, activities and history.

IPENZ Vision and Mission

IPENZ activities and services for Members and non-members

IPENZ governing Board and committees

IPENZ staff roles – overview of IPENZ management and the responsibilities of the six teams.

IPENZ's role as Registration Authority for the Chartered Professional Engineers Act

IPENZ Membership and professional recognition

IPENZ Fellowships: the most prestigious levels of Membership

Which Membership Class is right for you?

IPENZ Membership classes – explains the different Membership classes.

Information on specific engineering fields or engineering-related activities

IPENZ regional Branches

Related organisations that IPENZ is involved with

IPENZ publications

Affiliated websites

Require an Engineer?

Engineering for the public – information about finding, engaging or complaining about an engineer.

Search our Membership database – to ensure your engineer is an IPENZ Member.

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