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We want to show you the engineering that has shaped New Zealand.

IPENZ Engineering Tours offers a range of self-guided tours, taking you on a journey through New Zealand’s engineering heritage and innovative present. This is an on-going project and new tours will be added to the app regularly.

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Our tours
For complete offline accessibility simply download the tours you are interested in before you step out the door.

Using each tour’s map and accurate directions, you can navigate your way around featured places, learning about New Zealand’s engineering legacies and the people that have made them happen.

Each tour has text descriptions of engineering places, illustrated with historic and recent photographs, and featuring website links for those interested in exploring the subjects further.

Auckland Waterfront Walking Tour (approximately 3.5 hours)
Discover some of the important engineering features along Auckland’s waterfront.

Starting at the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge, the tour explores the waterfront eastwards, finishing near the major tourist attraction, Kelly Tarlton’s Sealife Aquarium, on Tamaki Drive. Against a backdrop of stunning harbour views, the walking tour focuses on the past, present and future of the area’s infrastructure and engineering features.

Wellington Heritage Walking Tour (approximately 2 hours)
Engineering has been important in creating Wellington – a geographically constricted capital city on shaky ground.

This tour helps you explore some of central Wellington’s engineering history and heritage. Tour stops include historic places, such as the famous Cable Car and take you to Lambton Quay and the waterfront.


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Auckland, Wellington / Kapiti

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Nature of Engineering
Electrical Power Generation and Distribution, Rail Transportation, Infrastructure (incl. Road, water, ports), New Zealand Innovations, Natural Hazard Protection, Communications, Transport (Road, sea, air, incl vehicles)


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