Whitianga Old Stone Wharf

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Built in 1838, this stone wharf, used by the passenger ferry from Whitianga, is thought to be the oldest wharf structure still in use in New Zealand.

Gordon Davis Brown (d.1842) is credited with designing and installing the wharf, aided by local Maori who squared the blocks of stone used in its construction. Brown was a Sydney timber merchant who came to Mercury Bay in 1836 to establish a timber mill and shipbuilding enterprise in the bay adjacent to Old Stone Wharf. Brown formed a business partnership with Captain Ranulph Dacre (1797-1884), also from Sydney, who was involved in exporting sawn timber and spars to the British Navy. Dacre is also noted for negotiating with Maori land owners for land and timber rights.

The Old Stone Wharf is constructed of large local stone blocks that were originally trimmed and fitted together without mortar. Considering that the wharf has been built beside a swiftly flowing tidal steam and is subject to marine erosion, it is a real tribute to the original builders that the structure has survived for over 170 years.

Mortar has been used at later dates to pack between the stone blocks, although it was suggested this was the wrong thing to do. In the 1950s a loading platform with a concrete surface was built on top of the original structure. In the 1980s, Ministry of Works staff undertook grouting work to hold the structure together. There is a concern that further work may be needed to ensure that this historic structure remains intact for future generations.

Heritage Recognition
This place has been recognised by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 historic place (List no.4675):
Old Stone Wharf:
New Zealand Heritage List/Rarangi Korero information (www.heritage.org.nz).


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The wharf remains in use as the passenger ferry landing on the eastern side of the Whitianga Harbour opposite Whitianga township.

Thames Valley / Coromandel

Access Info
Daily passenger ferry services run from Whitianga, leaving Whitianga Wharf in Esplanade Road at regular intervals that vary according to the time of year (click here for more information). Alternatively the Old Stone Wharf can be reached by road via Cooks Beach to Ferry Landing.

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Southern side of Old Stone Wharf and the ferry. Photograph courtesy of J. La Roche, IPENZ

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Stonework of wharf with 1950s concrete platform on top. Photograph courtesy of J. La Roche, IPENZ

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Lat: -36.8319 Long: 175.7110