Johnsonville Waterworks

Engineering Work (eg road, bridge, sawmill, dam)

Johnsonville waterworks comprising 3 dams in the hills near Johnsonville and in particular an old iron coke gas retort.

The relatively unknown site is located in heavily overgrown bush in the Ohariu stream valley, a couple of hundred metres off the well known and very popular Old Coach Road walking and riding track between Johnsonville and Ohariu Valley. The dams are well known and visible but this piece of old technology is not.

The coke fired iron gas retort was installed in 1912 by the Johnsonville Town Board at it's newly constructed 318,000 litre Ohariu Valley Dam; it produced gas to power a 71kw engine and pump which lifted water 152 m up to the Totara ridge holding reservoir.


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Off Truscott Avenue, Johnsonville and Rifle Range Road, Ohariu Valley.

Wellington / Kapiti

Access Info
Walking path to Mt KauKau from Truscott Avenue and/or deep in bush on Old Coach Road

Nature of Engineering
Infrastructure (incl. Road, water, ports)


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