One Mile Creek Hydro-electric Station

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The One Mile Creek Hydro-electric station provided electric power to Queenstown from September 1924, replacing an acetylene plant for lighting that failed in June 1923.

A reinforced concrete arch dam about 12 metres (m) high and 1 m average thickness supplied water to the power station (near the Lake Wakatipu shoreline) under a static head of 150 m. A Boving pelton wheel was installed to drive a 60 kilowatt generator. The operation of the station was fully automatic.

As demand increased the station’s generation was supplemented by a diesel plant used to cope with peak demand and low stream flows.

The One Mile Creek Station was purchased by the Central Otago Electric Power Board in 1945 and continued generating until 1966 when it was closed down. The headworks were bought back by the Queenstown Borough Council for water supply purposes.

In 2002 the One Mile Powerhouse Restoration Trust was formed to restore the powerhouse building and install replicas of the original equipment of 1924. This projectwas completed in 2005.


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Glenorchy Road


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The powerhouse static display is accessible at all times and is part of a Queenstown Lakes District Council track. ( The small powerhouse is a short walk up a track which takes you inland from the intersection of Fernhill and Glenorchy Roads and Lake Esplanade. There is a lake edge carparking area nearby.

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Lat: -45.0374 Long: 168.6478