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Recommended Reads

The Engineering New Zealand Engineering Heritage Chapter and Board members recommend the following books as a starting point for those interested in exploring New Zealand's engineering heritage. To check the availability of these resources, and other publications on similar topics, we suggest that you check the online catalogue of the National Library of New Zealand , or your local public library.

Auckland Engineering Heritage Book

Evolving Auckland - The City's Engineering Heritage

This book is the result of five years voluntary effort by members of the Engineering New Zealand Engineering Heritage, Auckland Chapter. They describe the engineering achievements that have provided the infrastructure & facilities that serve our region. The political debates and the technical achievements, often forgotten once these services become standard infrastructure, are described by the authors who have often been involved in these works.

Format: There are 13 chapters and 335 pages
ISBN: 978-1-927167-03-8

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Price: NZ$ 50.00 + postage and packaging (within New Zealand NZ$ 5.50).

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Author Title Publishing details
Ian Gunn Beacons at the End of the World: Civil Engineering in New Zealand, 1850s to 1980s Television series, Pandora Productions, 1987

Diana Neutze

Design for a century : A history of the School of Engineering, University of Canterbury, 1887-1987

Canterbury University, Christchurch, 1987

W. L. Newnham

Learning Service Achievement : Fifty years of engineering in New Zealand

New Zealand Institution of Engineers, Wellington, 1971

Rosslyn J. Noonan

By Design: A brief history of the Public Works Department, Ministry of Works, 1870-1970

Government Printer, Wellington, 1975

Nigel Smith

Heritage of Industry : discovering New Zealand’s industrial history

Reed, Auckland, 2001

Geoffrey G. Thornton

Cast in Concrete: Concrete construction in New Zealand, 1850-1939

Reed, Auckland, 1996

Geoffrey G. Thornton

New Zealand's Industrial Heritage

Reed, Wellington, 1982

Matthew Wright

New Zealand’s Engineering Heritage, 1870-2000

Reed, Auckland, 1999


Author Title Publishing details

Dennis Hogan & Bryce Williamson

New Zealand is Different: Chemical milestones in New Zealand history

Clerestory Press, Christchurch, 1999


Author Title Publishing details
Sandra Coney On the Radar: The story of Piha's World War 2 radar station Keyhole Press and Protect Piha Heritage, Auckland, 2013

Percy Dunsheath

A History of Electrical Engineering

Faber & Faber, London, 1962

R. E. Offer

Walls For Water: Pioneer dam building in New Zealand

Dunmore Press, Palmerston North, 1997

A. C. Wilson

Wire and Wireless: A history of telecommunications in New Zealand, 1860-1987

Dunmore Press, Palmerston North, 1994


Author Title Publishing details
F. W. Furkert Early New Zealand Engineers Reed, Wellington, 1953

Colin Maiden

An Energetic Life: Sir Colin Maiden an autobiography

Dunmore Press, Wellington, 2008

Stephen Utick

Captain Charles, engineer of charity : the remarkable life of Charles Gordon O’Neill

Allen and Unwin, 2008


Author Title Publishing details

Malcolm Douglass

A Wheel on Each Corner: history of the Engineering New Zealand Transportation Group : transportation engineering in New Zealand, 1956-2006

Engineering New Zealand Transportation Group, Wellington, 2007


Author Title Publishing details
J.A. Dangerfield and G.W. Emerson

Over the Garden Wall: the story of the Otago Central Railway

Otago Railway & Locomotive Society, Dunedin, 1995

Feilding and Districts Historical Society

The Last Spike: a pictorial essay celebrating the centenary of the completion of the North Island main trunk line

Feilding and Districts Historical Society, Feilding, 2008

Mike Johnstone

Nelson's First Railway

Nikau Press, Nelson, 1996

Paul Mahoney

The Era of the Bush Tram in New Zealand

Transpress, Wellington, 2004

Gordon Ogilvie

From gigs to rigs : Steel Bros and 120 years of road transport in New Zealand

Hazard Press, Christchurch, 1997

F. K. Roberts

A Compendium of Railway Construction: Part Two - North Island Main Trunk

New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society, Wellington, 1990

W. W. Stewart

Grand Old Days of Steam

Reed, Wellington, 1975

Ivan D. Taylor

Road to the West Coast: A history of the road over Arthur's Pass 

Heritage Press, Palmerston North, 2005

Geoffrey G. Thornton

Bridging the Gap: Early bridges in New Zealand, 1839-1940

Reed, Auckland, 2001


Author Title Publishing details

Jack Churchouse

Sailing Ships of the Tasman Sea

Millwood Press, Wellington, 1984

David Macintyre

Cook's Wild Strait: The interisland story

Reed, Wellington, 1983


Author Title Publishing details

C. W. Firth

A Century of Water Supply for Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland Regional Authority, Auckland, 1967

Des Peate

Water treatment in New Zealand from 1910 : company records, photographs, personal accounts

D. Peate, Warkworth, N.Z., 2001