Peter Palmer

Peter graduated in civil engineering from Imperial College London in 1954 and spent the next two years supervising construction of a dam on a hydro-electric project in the Scottish Highlands 

He returned to Imperial College in 1956 to undertake a one year postgraduate course in concrete technology and then worked as a designer with a company engaged on the design and construction of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. In 1959 he accepted a position with the Snowy Mountains Authority and joined the Authority’s Civil Design Branch located in Cooma, NSW.

In 1966 he joined the Bridge Branch of the Main Roads Department of Western Australia as a design team leader for the Narrows Interchange Bridges and subsequently became Resident Engineer for the construction of the Narrows Interchange.

He was appointed to the position of Senior Engineer Bridges in 1972 and was responsible for the design of country bridges throughout the State, together with the management of construction and maintenance of bridges by the Department's own day labour force 

In 1984 he was appointed Superintending Engineer in charge of the Bridge Branch and continued in that position until he retired from the Department in 1989.

He subsequently formed his own private consulting company and worked as an adviser to the Federal Government’s overseas aid organisation, AusAid, on the design and construction of two major bridges over the Mekong River, one between Thailand and Laos and the other in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

He first became interested in heritage matters in 1979, when he wrote a paper on the History of Timber Bridges in Western Australia.