John Dargavel

Dr John Dargavel is a Visiting Fellow in the Fenner School for Environment and Society at the Australian National University. He has degrees from the Universities of Edinburgh and Melbourne and from the Australian National University. He has worked in the forest service in South Australia and for over twenty years as an industrial forester with the pulp and paper industry in Victoria. Since coming to the Australian National University in 1978 he has been researching and teaching in the areas of forest economics, policy and history. He is the immediate past President of the Australian Forest History Society.

He has written and edited 10 books including a history of the forest sector, Fashioning Australia’s Forests (1995). He is the author of more than 70 published papers covering forest management, industrial and labour history, trade and culture. His biography of Charles Lane Poole, Conservator of Forests in Western Australia 1916-1921, and later the Commonwealth’s Inspector -General of Forests, will be published next year.