Engineering Heritage into 21st Century Students

Andrew Pratley & Mark Whitty

Keywords: Volunteer, outreach program, engaging students, engineering

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The engineering profession currently faces a skills shortage with areas such as engineering heritage facing even greater difficulties in attracting and retaining graduates. As organisers of the Great Engineering Challenge, a hands-on program of impromptu challenges designed to engage and excite high school students about engineering, we believe there are a number of opportunities for the heritage profession to more effectively engage with students from the 21st century. A theoretical review of communication, technology and management techniques is provided from the perspective of a young engineer. Complimenting this are practical methods for increasing the level of heritage education and interest in universities. In addition a discussion of the key elements of how to implement a high schools program is addressed.

REFERENCE: Pratley, A. J. & Whitty, M. A. 2007 Engineering heritage into 21st century students. Fourteenth National Engineering Heritage Conference 2007. Perth, Australia, 18 September – 21 September 2007. The Institution of Engineers Australia: Conference Papers.