The Engineering Heritage of the Water Supply

Clive Ellam

Keywords: Industrial heritage, water industry, heritage

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The industrial heritage of the water industry is shown to be rich and varied through the description, in broadly historical context, of examples of the different classes of objects making up that heritage, or still in use as potential heritage items. The difficulty of gaining a comprehensive overview of this heritage is discussed and possible factors contributing to this difficulty are suggested.  The paper concludes that the engineering heritage of the water industry receives less attention than it merits, being often subordinated to the political, social or public health aspects of water supply and that constant vigilance is required to overcome this bias.

REFERENCE: Ellam, C 2007 The Engineering Heritage of the Water Supply. Fourteenth National Engineering Heritage Conference 2007. Perth, Australia, 18 September – 21 September 2007. The Institution of Engineers Australia: Conference Papers.