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Through its Heritage Committees, the Institution of Engineers Australia (Engineers Australia) aims to promote and encourage the conservation of engineered items and industrial works.

The Sydney Division Heritage Committee encourages the understanding and conservation of Engineering and Industrial Heritage in the Sydney and New South Wales region. This committee advises, promotes and assists in conservation and recognition both of engineered works and documents in order to record the significant achievements and social history that engineering has achieved in this country. For more information and to enquire about membership, please contact the secretary , phone the Sydney office or refer to our pamphlet.

Engineering Heritage Australia, the national body on Engineering Heritage, organises Engineering Heritage Conferences biannually with each division conducting the event in turn. For more information on past and future conferences go to

Papers from past conferences can be obtained through the above web address.

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Eveleigh Locomotive Workshops - Sydney

Courtesy : SRA Archives

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The Newsletter of Engineering Heritage Australia (sample) is produced by Engineering Heritage Australia , the national heritage organisation for Engineers Australia. The newsletter is an 8 page document with numerous articles relating to the Institution's Heritage Committee's activities and similar work  in Australia, as well as articles on relevant industrial and engineering heritage.

A copy of the newsletter can be obtained by downloading it from the EHA website - Download Newsletter

Engineering Heritage Australia is continually looking for material to publish in this newsletter. If you have any articles or information on engineering heritage and industrial archaeology that could be included in the newsletter, please contact Engineering Heritage Australia.


Sydney Harbour Bridge Film

The Construction of the



In 1930, as the two halves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge reached towards each other, Henri Mallard, a Sydney photographer, began filming the construction of the bridge. Allowed access to all areas of the site, Mallard filmed virtually every stage of the building process.

This original black & white silent movie has been copied to video together with the commentary by Frank Litchfield, one of the supervising engineers. This historic recording together with other bridge celebrations is available on a 45 minute video and can be obtained from the following outlets :

Museum of Sydney Book Shop - Bridge Street, Sydney 2000

Bridge Climb - 5 Cumberland Street, Sydney 2000

National Maritime Museum - Darling Harbour, Sydney

The Institution of Engineers - Sydney - level 3, 8 Thomas Street Chatswood.  2067.


Original Movie

Engineers Australia has copy of the original Henri Mallard archive film and makes it available to all commercial and public institutions both for promotional and commercial use. For more information and details on obtaining a copy or parts of this rare archival film please contact the Sydney office or the secretary.

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CD Purchase

To purchase additional copies of this conference paper CD, please contact Engineers Australia at either the Sydney office at-

The Institution of Engineers - Sydney - level 3, 8 Thomas Street Chatswood.   NSW 2067.


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