2nd International Engineering Heritage Conference


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Cockatoo Island Excursion

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PreConference Tour

Sydney Tour

Tank Stream Tour

West Sydney Harbour Tour

150th Anniversary of NSW Railways

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Cockatoo Island !

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The Cockatoo Island Excursion; explored the old island dockyard that is now being developed by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for alternative uses.

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Local Sydney Tour !

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Visiting historic sites around Sydney Harbour.
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Pre Conference Tour !

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Pre Conference bus tour around the Illawarra, Wollongong and Southern Highland regions of NSW.
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Tank Stream Tour !

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Down under the streets, to see Sydney's first water supply, the Tank Stream.

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150th Anniversary of NSW Railways - Central Station ! tn_Walsh Bay.jpg (7222 bytes) Sydney Harbour West Ferry Tour !
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The heritage of NSW railways on display at Central Station - Sydney. A ferry tour around what was once a busy working harbour.

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