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2nd International

&13th National
"Sustaining Heritage"     


Sydney 21st - 23rd September 2005




ISBN: 0 8582 5812 9

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The aim of the 2005 Second International Engineering Heritage Conference was to explore the tools and mechanisms needed to effectively conserve the nation’s heritage assets in the long term. Accordingly, the theme of Sustaining Heritage was chosen to emphasise that a sustainable and professional approach - including from volunteer organisations - is required to ensure the conservation of heritage items for posterity. 

Whilst the focus was on engineering and industrial heritage, the principles of heritage sustainability and many of the issues grappled with in conserving heritage assets are common to all aspects of heritage. Consequently, many of the papers were by practitioners from other disciplines.

 The conference built on the experiences of those who have successful track-records in conserving heritage works and artefacts and those who have developed strong volunteer organisations. Apart from exploring sustainability, engineers, architects, archaeologists, museum curators, leaders of volunteer organisations plus many others, discussed issues with which the heritage community is grappling world-wide. The retention of trade and professional skills and the need to increase the numbers involved in the evaluation and conservation of heritage works and artefacts, received constant mention. 

 By giving an account of heritage management procedures and the issues they are currently facing, overseas speakers provided the opportunity for comparison with the situation in Australia, as presented by Ms Kristal Buckley, President of Australia ICOMOS.

The overseas speakers were Emeritus Professor Emory Kemp founder and former director of the Institute for the History of Technology and Industrial Archaeology at West Virginia University USA, Mr David Greenfield of the UK Panel for Historic Engineering Works and Mr Paul Mahoney, National Coordinator for the Historic Heritage Program of the Department of Conservation, New Zealand.

 The sesquicentenary of the beginning in 1855 of railways in NSW was to be celebrated in the week following and so the occasion was recognised on day two of the conference, with a parallel session of special papers on railway history and heritage. Those papers are included in this compilation.

 I commend these conference papers to all who are interested in conserving our nation’s heritage for future generations.

                                 Glenn Rigden - Chairman.  Sydney Engineering Heritage Committee


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Dr Don Fraser


The conference was managed by -

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The conference was organised by the Sydney Engineering Heritage Committee.

Organising Committee :

John Heathers - Convenor

Helen Mackenzie - conference organiser

Doug Boleyn

Ian Bowie

Frank Brady

Michael Clarke

Chris Dalitz

Norm Himsley - Sydney Division President

Owen Parry

Glenn Rigden - Chairman; Sydney EHC



This CD has been compiled by Glenn Rigden for Engineering Heritage Australia  (Engineers Australia)

Compiled November 2005

Copyright - Engineers Australia


ISBN: 0 8582 5812 9