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Keynote Presenters
Neil Cossons Does the Engineering Heritage Matter
Paul Davies Managing Active and Redundant Industrial and Engineering Heritage Sites
David Dolan The Engineer as Landscaper and Cultural Warrior
Wayne Johnson Sydney's Darling Harbour: Two Centuries of Industrial Development, Decline, Transformation and Interpretation
Euan McQueen Heritage and the Modern Railway
Robert McWilliam The Prime Movers of Historical Change
Duncan Waterson The transformation of Engineering Entrepreneur to Multi-faceted Specialist
Engineering New Zealand Presenters
David Beauchamp John Harry Grainger Engineer and Architect
Trevor Butler Port Craig Viaducts Conservation Plan
Matthew Churchward Gas Engines in Victorian Industry, 1870-1950
Andrew Cleland Refrigeration: underpinning the New Zealand economy for over 125 years
Rachael Egerton Heritage Management at the Port Craig Sawmill Complex: Successes and Challenges
John Fitzmaurice History of Auckland Wastewater and Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant
Don Fraser American Bridges in New South Wales 1870 - 1932
John Gibson Remnants of Early Hydraulic Power Systems
Owen Graham The Otago Central Rail Trail: Preservation of heritage sites through development for visitor use
David Hamilton Early Water Races in Central Otago
Bill Harvey Two papers, single presentation slot:
1. Monitoring and Measuring Historic Masonry Structures;
2. Interactive Analysis of Arching Masonry Structures
Peter Holmes Archaeology and the Industrial Landscape: 21st Century Adaptive Redevelopment Confronts 19th Century Industrial Heritage
Kevin Jones Aerial photographs and the record of agriculture and engineering in Otago
Peter Lowe Engineering Archive - Preservation and Prospects
Paul Mahoney
Tom Williamson
Telling Engineering Heritage Stories (also see below)
paper presented by Paul Mahoney
Gavin McLean There's Naught to Fear for the Port of Oamaru
Peter Marquis-Kyle Queensland's timber and iron lighthouses:19th century colonial innovation
Rob Merrifield A Centennial Review of the North Island Main Trunk Railway: Geology of the West-Central North Island and its Influence on Transport Development
Owen Peake The History of High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
Miles Pierce Early Electricity Supply in Melbourne
John Porter Preservation by Operation
Nigel Ridgway The Coorong Battery at the Winnecke Gold Mine, NT (presented by Richard Venus)
Tony Silke From the Corporate Dump to a National Resource
Jim Staton Golden Lead - Golden Dreams
Richard Venus The Engineering of "Engineering a City"
Ian Walsh Waitaki Dam -75 Years On
Tom Williamson
Paul Mahoney
Telling Engineering Heritage Stories
audio-visual presentation by Tom Williamson (see Paul Mahoney)
Daniel Woo Sydney's Birthplace Walk Podcast



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