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Welcome to the 3rd Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference Proceedings

Engineering in the Development of a Region – Heritage and History

Topics of papers range from exploring the future of personal mobile and global positioning system devices for advocacy and education in heritage engineering, to engineers in history and the importance of archives. Other topics cover the management and use of historic sites and industrial landscapes including the monitoring, analysis and management of historic structures; timber milling and gold mining; construction of the Waitaki and Manapouri Hydro-electric power stations; irrigation schemes and dams; and railways.

Conference Themes and Topics include:

* Agricultural Development (irrigation & drainage, flood protection, refrigeration engineering, process industries, machinery, sawmilling, buildings)
* Power (hydro-electric, wind; steam, diesel, gas)
* Transport and Communications (roading, bridges, railways, shipping and shipbuilding, harbours and ports)
* Resource Extraction (Gold - mining, sluicing, dredging, tunneling, smelting. Coal. Scheelite. Oil shale)
* The People (entrepreneurs, communities, businesses, manufacturers, engineers; innovators)

The panel includes Keynote speakers with a wide range of interests and expertise to initiate presentations and discussions:
Sir Neil Cossons (UK) , industrial archaeologist and former Chairman of English Heritage;
Paul Davies (Australia) , heritage management consultant;
David Dolan (Australia) , Professor of Cultural Heritage at Curtin University;
Wayne Johnson (Australia) , Sydney Harbour Foreshore archaeologist;
Euan McQueen (NZ) , geographer and NZ railway heritage historian;
Robert McWilliam (UK) , editor for vol.3 of ICE Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers;
Duncan Waterson (Australia) , historian - settlers, agriculture, railways, politics, et al.



The organising committee wishes to thank all presenters for their participation in this conference. The success of a conference is equal to the dedication, commitment and generosity of the people who contribute in this way.


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