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Engineering New Zealand's heritage activities are overseen by the Engineering New Zealand Engineering Heritage Board and put into action at a local level by members of our regional Engineering Heritage Chapters.

Engineering New Zealand also has a Heritage Advisor based at national office in Wellington.

Email the Engineering New Zealand Heritage Advisor


Engineering Heritage Board

Joanna Barnes-Wylie – Heritage New Zealand Representative

Robin Dunlop – Chairperson

John Higham – Auckland Chapter Representative

Ben Holland – Engineering New Zealand Board Representative

Brent Meekan – Engineering New Zealand Board Representative

Paul Mahoney – Department of Conservation Representative

Roy Sharp – Wellington Chapter Representative


Auckland Chapter Committee

Rob Aspden

Terry Brown

Andrew Collow

Gordon Cuthbert

John Duder

Norman Firth

John Higham - Chairperson

Graeme Johnson

John La Roche

Brent Meekan

David Veart

Kam Weng Yuen

Colin Zeff


Wellington Chapter Committee

Bill Darnell

John Harper

Murray King

Rob Merrifield

Rob Wilkinson

Roy Sharp - Chairperson

Kate Zwartz


Canterbury Chapter Committee



Otago/Southland Chapter Committee