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Frank Ernest de Guerrier (1873 – 1956)

de Guerrier

F. E. de Guerrier, 1928-1929. Past Presidents of the N.Z.I.E, 1914-1966: Album. IPENZ.

Frank Ernest de Guerrier was President of IPENZ in 1928-29.  He was born in London in 1873 and came to New Zealand in 1908 as engineer to the Auckland Tramways Company.  This company had built the electric tramways system in Auckland from 1899 to 1902 when it was the largest municipal engineering project in the country. Mr de Guerrier had experience in Britain, Spain and India before coming to New Zealand.

Mr de Guerrier became the Auckland City Council Tramways and Electrical Engineer after the Auckland Electric Power Board was established in 1921.  The Council purchased the Auckland Tramways Company in 1919.  The Auckland Transport Board was formed in 1928 when Mr de Guerrier became its Chief Engineer until he retired in 1938.

Mr de Guerrier was an elected member of Auckland Electric Power Board from 1944 to 1955 where he served for a time as chairman of the Works Committee and as Deputy Chairman.   From 1934 Mr de Guerrier was chairman for a number of years of the Auckland Operatic Society.  He was a foundation member from 1919 until his death.  He was made a life member and Vice President.

As a young man he was a keen mountaineer making the eighth ascent of Mt Cook on 7 March 1911.   It was one of the few ascents using Earle’s route on the western side.  He also climbed in Kashmir.

Notes by John La Roche


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