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MAUNDER, Richard Stanley (1890-1974)

Richard Maunder

R. S. Maunder, 1954-55. Past Presidents Album 1914-1966. IPENZ

C.Eng., F.I.E.E., F.N.Z.I.E.

Richard Stanley Maunder, past president of the Institution, passed away at his home in Waikanae on 4 August (1974). He was born in the Waikato and apprenticed in Taranaki but obtained his engineering training at the Manchester College of Technology and with the Lancashire Dynamo and Motor Co. in Manchester. After further experience in the U.K., with the Admiralty and Metropolitan-Vickers Ltd., he returned to New Zealand in 1919 and joined the Tramways and Electricity Department of the Wellington City Council, from which he retired in 1955 as general manager.

Mr Maunder became a corporate member of the N.Z.I.E. in 1938 and immediately took a keen interest in Institution affairs. He served on a number of committees and on the Council and was elected vice-president in 1952 and president in 1954. After completion of his term as president, Mr Maunder served for three years as hon. Treasurer and continued as a member of the finance and examinations committees until 1959.

Mr Maunder presented a number of papers to the Institution and in 1947 was awarded the Fulton Gold Medal for his paper "Electrical installations". At the jubilee conference of the Institution in February 1964, he presented to the Institution a sum of $2 000 to be used to provide an annual award for the best paper on a subject of an electrical engineering nature. Mr Maunder directed that the award be known as the "Evan Parry Award" as a token of his respect and admiration for the former chief electrical engineer of the Public Works Department.

Mr Maunder served for a number of years on the Engineers Registration Board and was a past president of the Professional Engineers' Association.

Extract from New Zealand Engineering, Vol 29, September 1974, p 272