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MORTON, William Hobbard, (1866 - 1923)

Born 26th July 1866, Died 26th June 1923. He was educated at Scotch College, Melbourne (Victoria), and received his practical training under the late Mr M H Steel, MInstCE, Inspector-General of Public Works, Victoria, between the years 1883 and 1888. He was Assistant with the late Mr A C Mountain, MInstCE, City Surveyor of Melbourne from 1888 to 1904, when he was appointed City Engineer of Wellington, New Zealand.

In Wellington. as well as in Melbourne his whole life, since completing his pupilage was spent in municipal activities. The principal works with which he was associated 1n this Dominion were :-Waterworks, Tramways, Sewerage, Road formation and improvements (wood, concrete and bitumen), Abattoirs, Parks, and Public Reserves, etc.

He was elected an Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers on January 10th 1905; and a Member on March 11th 1913. He was elected a Member of the New Zealand Society of Civil Engineers (Incorporated) on 11th September 1914, and was a member of the Council and Honorary Secretary up to within a very few months of his decease.

This obituary appeared in the Proceedings of the NZ Society of Civil Engineers, Vol. X, p 234

Note that the Morton dam, an early water supply dam in the Wainuiomata headwaters, built during Morton’s time as Wellington City Engineer, is named for him. Refer to the item on the Morton dam in the database.