Engineering New Zealand Engineering Heritage Jobhunt Foundation


  • Within the factual limits of your current knowledge, use some or all of the following components to describe your item/topic. If providing additional material on an existing Database entry, provide only your suggested additions or changes to its existing description.
    Components of a full description of an item/topic comprise:
    A brief overview including purpose, defining features, and appropriate physical measures of ‘as built’ and/or subsequent modifications as applicable).
  • The state of preservation and heritage value of any surviving physical remains and the prospects for its future preservation/restoration, or exposure to loss, etc.
  • A brief outline history including key dates, people, events, ideas, societal context and consequences, etc.
  • The unique, rare, or special significance of its ‘fabric’ (i.e. its materials and state of completeness, etc.) compared with other surviving examples.
  • Its historical significance (e.g. its place in shaping or defining history in NZ, and possibly elsewhere if relevant).
  • Its significance to the community (i.e. the extent of current community knowledge and recognition of the item/topic).
  • Identify the source/s for your information such as personal/family knowledge or specific document/s. For the latter please describe and provide title, author, date and publisher (and current location if potentially unique).