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Producer Statements for use in conjunction with the Building Act 2004

A Producer Statement is a document prepared by an engineer confirming their professional opinion, based on stated reasonable grounds, that aspects of design of a building achieve compliance with the Building Code, or that elements of construction have been completed in accordance with the approved building consent. The intent of a Producer Statement is to signal to the Building Consent Authority that certain design/monitoring work has been done (or supervised) by a practitioner who is competent to perform the defined work.

Guidance on use of Producer Statements (pdf, 58 KB)
Guidance notes applicable to all producer statement forms.

Producer Statement PS1 - Design (docx, 47 KB)
A statement of opinion that certain aspects of proposed building work will comply with the building code, if the work is constructed according to the referenced documentation (eg engineering design drawings and specifications).

Producer Statement PS2- Design Review (docx, 44 KB)
A statement of opinion, based on a review of design documents which have been prepared by others, that the aspects of proposed building work reviewed will comply with the building code.

Producer Statement PS4 - Construction Review (docx, 45 KB)
A statement of opinion, based on reasonable and stated grounds which may include the records of construction monitoring and information supplied by the contractor, that certain aspects of building work have been completed according to the building consent and amendments.

Construction Monitoring Services (pdf 75KB) – For more information on construction monitoring

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