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Guidance for Practising Engineers

IPENZ provides support to practising engineers in various forms. This can range from general to detailed guidance in a specific engineering field.

Practice Notes provide information where there is little information available via other means

Practice Notes are a source of advice to practising engineers on practice-related issues, where often little other advice is available.

The selection of Practice Note areas is guided by the Engineering Practice Advisory Committee. They reflect professional issues of topical interest, or respond to trends that emerge in the complaints process. Sometimes matters arise from significant occurrences (such as the Canterbury earthquakes).

Guidelines and advisories – additional guidance in specific fields of engineering.

General practice guidance – guidance for practising engineers in the general areas of practice.

Specific engineering practice guidance – guidance for practising engineers in specific areas of engineering practice.

Engineering Practice Advisory Committee – the technical leadership oversight body for IPENZ, which identifies and monitors engineering practice issues.

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